Thanks. This is very helpful. I linked your wiki pages to our website. A
few more comments:

1. Producer: The details of the meaning of request.required.acks are
described in It would be
great if you can add a link to the description in your wiki.

2. High level consumer: Could you add the proper way of stopping the
consumer? One just need to call consumer.shutdown(). After this is called,
hasNext() call in the Kafka stream iterator will return false.

3. SimpleConsumer: We have the following api that returns the offset of the
last message exposed to the consumer. The difference btw high watermark and
the offset of the last consumed message tells you how many messages the
consumer is behind the broker.
  highWatermark(topic: String, partition: Int)

Finally, it would be great if you can extend the wiki with customized
encoder (Producer) and decoder (Consumer) at some point.

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