Seems like most people are verifying the src, so I'll pick on the
binaries and Maven stuff ;)

A few problems I see:

There are some vestigial Git files in the src download: an empty .git
and .gitignore

In the source download, I see the SBT license in LICENSE which seems
correct (since we distribute an SBT binary), but in the binary download
I see the same license. Don't we need the Scala license
( in the binary distribution?

I create a simple Ant+Ivy project to test resolving the artifacts
published to Apache staging repo:
This will fetch Kafka libs from the Apache staging area and other things
from Maven Central. It will fetch the jars into lib/ivy/{conf} and
generate a report of the dependencies, conflicts, and licenses into
ivy-report. Notice I had to add three exclusions to get things working.
Maybe we should add these to our pom?

I think I'll have to -1 the release due to the missing Scala license in
the binary dist. We should check the other licenses as well (see
ivy-report from my little Ant project).


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