Shouldn't this be part of the contract?  It should be able to make sure
this happens before shutting down, no?

The leader writes messages to its local log and then the replicas consume
messages from the leader and write those to their local logs. If you set
request.required.acks=1, the ack is sent to the producer only after the
leader has written messages to its local log. What you are asking for, is
part of the contract if request.required.acks=-1.

In this case, if we need to use
required.request.acks=-1, that will pretty much prevent any successful
message producing while any of the brokers for a partition is unavailable.
 So, I don't think that's an option.  (Not to mention the performance

You can implement reliable delivery semantics while allowing rolling
restart of brokers by setting request.required.acks=-1. When one of the
replicas is shut down, the ISR reduces to remove the replica being shut
down and the messages will be committed using the new ISR.

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