Hi all,

I've tried pushing a large amount of messages into Kafka on Windows, and
got the following error:

Caused by: java.io.IOException: The requested operation cannot be performed
on a
 file with a user-mapped section open
        at java.io.RandomAccessFile.setLength(Native Method)
        at kafka.log.OffsetIndex.liftedTree2$1(OffsetIndex.scala:263)
        at kafka.log.OffsetIndex.resize(OffsetIndex.scala:262)
        at kafka.log.OffsetIndex.trimToValidSize(OffsetIndex.scala:247)
        at kafka.log.Log.rollToOffset(Log.scala:518)
        at kafka.log.Log.roll(Log.scala:502)
        at kafka.log.Log.maybeRoll(Log.scala:484)
        at kafka.log.Log.append(Log.scala:297)
        ... 19 more

I suspect that Windows is not releasing memory mapped file references soon

I wonder if there is any good workaround or solutions for this?



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