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Subject: Re: trouble building 0.8
I deleted all the sbt project and target stuff, for both ~/.sbt and kafka/project/build.  I had previously had php stuff in my global sbt stuff.  This resolved this issue, but now I am having another…

I get the following:

[warn] Multiple resolvers having different access mechanism configured with same name 'sbt-plugin-releases'. To avoid conflict, Remove duplicate project resolvers (`resolvers`) or rename publishing resolver (`publishTo`).

I also get this failure to resolve dependency:

[info] Resolving org.scalatest#scalatest_2.10;1.8 ...
[warn] module not found: org.scalatest#scalatest_2.10;1.8
[warn] ==== local: tried
[warn]   /Users/reefedjib/.ivy2/local/org.scalatest/scalatest_2.10/1.8/ivys/ivy.xml
[warn] ==== SonaType ScalaTest repo: tried
[warn] ==== public: tried

I looked at:

and there is no 1.8, but a 1.9…so, the issue is in core/build.sbt, where scalatest should be "1.9.1".  I change it and it works.  This was changed today, so perhaps they lost 1.8?


On Aug 5, 2013, at 8:19 PM, Rob Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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