There are indeed no nodes under /brokers/topics/deletedtopic

Also, do I need to remove the deleted apps from the
/consumers/<appname>/owners path?

So, should this be considered a bug, or not?  Essentially, each broker
knows what topics it has, but the info seems to have not propagated to zk
at all?  Is that right?

Although from the telnet interface, the removed topics don't show up under
a 'dump' command, but they do under wchc, etc.  What's that about?

Should the original procedure have been to: (1) stop all consumers, then
(2) remove the topic files on the brokers, then (3) restart the brokers,
then (4) restart the consumers?

The consumers have been up and down since the topic files were removed, but
just not ever at the same time the brokers were down....

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