On 2/8/14 11:40 AM, Jay Kreps wrote:
I agree that it is very consistent right now, I just recall getting
tripped up by the message set (as did others people implementing the
Consider the difference protocol difference between 0.8.0 and 0.8.1 -
the only diff is the new offsets APIs. A client will want to support
users of both versions, but offset committing in the client should be
disabled (or ignored) if talking to 0.8.0. It's a much better client
development/user experience if features can be proactively turned off
rather than by fault handling. Sure users could provide this, but so
could the client if a version API existed.
10s of MB sounds a lot better than I thought it was.
I looked around and didn't see much, but surely there are tools for
working with BNF or a similar format?
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