Thanks for reporting the issues and running those tests.

1. For problem 1, if this is the output of topic metadata request after
shutting down a broker that leads no partitions, then that is a bug. Please
can you file a bug and describe a reproducible test case there ?
2. For problem 2, we always try to make the preferred replica (1st replica
in the list of all replicas for a partition) the leader, if it is
available. We intended to spread the preferred replica for all partitions
for a topic evenly across the brokers. If this is not happening, we need to
look into it. Please can you file a bug and describe your test case there ?
3. For a machine that is down, for some time or long time, it is taken out
of ISR. When it starts back up again, it has to bootstrap from the current
4. If you have a new machine that you want to add to the cluster, you might
want to reassign some replicas for partitions to the new broker. We have a
tool (that has not been thoroughly tested yet) that allows you to do that.

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