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Subject: Re: Recommendation for number of brokers on kafka(0.7.2) hosts
1) Will setting 4 brokers per host with different ports and different log
data directories be beneficial to use all the available space?
2) Will there be any disadvantage using multiple brokers on same host?

It is recommended that you do not deploy multiple brokers on the same box
since that will not lead to optimal page cache usage, which will affect IO

3) If partition count is set to 2 per topic. Having multiple brokers on
each machine , multiply the partition count per machine? i.e with 4 brokers
per machine on 5 machines will generate 2*4*5 = 40 partitions per topic?


4) Is there a way to use all the directories from a single broker?

Kafka 0.8 supports specifying multiple log directories through the log.dirs

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