Hello all,

I've been working on updating (i.e., rewriting) my Python client for the
impending 0.8 release. Check it out:


In addition to 0.8 protocol support, the new client supports the
broker-aware request routing required for replication in 0.8. Offset
management is in there too, but disabled on the 0.8 branch since it will
not be in that release. I believe it will be in a follow-on release
(0.8.1, if JIRA can be believed).

* update unit tests for new protocol
* update queue.py with new producer/consumer stuff
* more tests
* more examples

I've been buried in the details of the protocol and request routing, so
the actual useful API has had the least attention. I'm open to
suggestions on how to make this library more useful/usable. And of
course, pull requests are welcome!

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