I'm in favor of doing this if someone is willing to work on it! I agree it
would really help with easy provisioning.

I filed a bug to discuss and track:

Some comments:
1. I'm not in favor of having a pluggable strategy, unless we are really
really sure this is an area where people are going to get a lot of value by
writing lots of plugins. I am not at all sure why you would want to retain
the current behavior if you had a good strategy for automatically
generating ids. Basically plugins are an evil we only want to accept when
either we don't understand the problem or the solutions have such extreme
tradeoffs that there is no single "good approach". Plugins cause problems
for upgrades, testing, documentation, user understandability, code
understandability, etc.
2. The node id can't be the host or port or anything tied to the physical
machine or its location on the network because you need to be able to
change these things. I recommend we just keep an integer.

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