We are trying that right now for Debian and finding that the current
version makes it nearly impossible to follow packaging best practices.

1) The build process does not allow specification of a target directory,
and thus pollutes the upstream package.
2) The build process downloads packages during build time, which breaks
exact reproducibility.
3) It comes bundled with and relies upon packages, such as scala, instead
of looking for a separately installed scala package.

We can't devote too much engineering time so for now our solution preserves
a clean upstream by cleaning out the pollution from (1) after the build so
that debian does not complain), we live with (2), and are writing our own
helper scripts to set the classpath for things like (3).

I'm sure there are many reasons/history for 1-3, including Kafka's nascent
version number (less than 1.0). Overall I'm grateful that Kafka is provided
as open source.


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