Well, thank you for the pointer but the result is less than desirable.  I
decided not to waste my time and count the unnumbered steps, after I got
past 3.

The Rule of the Trinity:  there should be no more than 3 simple steps to
build a functioning foundation or survive failure or establish principles to
live life by, which is really only the first 2 restated.

Is there nascent maven support to let me d/l eclipse, d/l kafka, mvn
eclipse:eclipse, then import the project into eclipse...I call that 3 steps,
since I already have step 0: eclipse.  eclipse, eclipse, eclispe...  :)


From: Andrea Gazzarini
Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2013 12:15 PM
Subject: Re: eclipse project/classpath files for 0.8?


Is that close to what you were looking for?


On 05/11/2013 06:17 PM, Rob Withers wrote:
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