Nope, that's on a pretty standard GNU/Linux Debian system (jessie/sid) running a 3.9.8-1 kernel. But you were onto something. Removing the trailing slash is my log.dir config value made it work.

I'm not sure why this would have an impact since the log directories seem to be correctly parsed as File objects in LogManager.scala:

  val logDirs: Array[File] = File(_)).toArray

And in both cases the server logs reports that the log for 'test-0' was correctly loaded, which means that log directory is also correctly inserted into the logs Pool[TopicAndPartition, Log].

That's about as far as my Scala knowledge goes though ;-) Let me know if you're able to reproduce the problem when you have a trailing slash as well.

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Subject: Re: Leader not local for partition error?

Are you on Windows? We have seen issues like that before on Windows. You
may have to use "/" when configuring  "log.dirs".


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