Here are are a few of my thoughts on a Kafka logo:

1. This is an open source project not an accounting firm, so it can be kind
of cool looking (doesn't have to be too bland/corporate).
2. But I don't think our logo should be a cockroach because they are icky.
3. Characters is Kafka books are often called "K." or "Joesph K" or
something like that so a stylized K would be an option.
4. Kafka had a number of stylized sketches of figures that are actually
pretty cool:
5. I particularly like the black and white sketchy styling of those
drawings. I think black and white would be a nice color scheme.
6. There is also an Andy Warhol Kafka sketch which might be good for
7. Our domain is streams which could be visually kind of twisted and whispy.

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