I have been using a pom file for 0.8.0 that I hand-edited from the one
generated with sbt make:pom.  Now that there's a version up on maven
central, I'm trying to use that.

It looks like the pom file hosted now on maven central, is invalid for

I'm looking at this:

It has 2 <dependencies> sections, which causes this error:

[WARNING] Invalid POM for org.apache.kafka:kafka_2.8.0:jar:0.8.0-beta1,
transitive dependencies (if any) will not be available, enable debug
logging for more details: 1 problem was encountered while building the
effective model
[FATAL] Non-parseable POM
Duplicated tag: 'dependencies' (position: START_TAG seen
...</dependencies>\n    <dependencies>... @36:19)  @ line 36, column 19
 for project

It seems the offending section is:

<exclude module="javax"/>
<exclude module="jmxri"/>
<exclude module="jmxtools"/>
<exclude module="mail"/>
<exclude module="jms"/>
<dependency org="org.apache.zookeeper" name="zookeeper" rev="3.3.4">
<exclude org="log4j" module="log4j"/>
<exclude org="jline" module="jline"/>
Anyway, since I haven't heard of others having this issue, I'm a bit
perplexed.  Is everyone just downloading and hosting their own hand edited
version of the is pom file?

I'm using maven 3.0.3 if that's relevant.


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