I just think it's a major change, that might have warranted a heads up, but
it's all good (I've got things looking good with it now).  I simply changed
the default behavior everywhere to explicitly initialize consumers with
'smallest' by default (whereas previously this was an ignored config value).

I don't quite see the migration use case as rationale for the change.
 Since in the steady state, after people are done migrating from 0.7 to
0.8, this default setting will be the norm for a long time to come.
 Instead, it would make sense for people to use this mode explicitly when
building a migration plan, etc.

I wouldn't have thought that real-time consumers (which never care about
past, stored data) would be the norm.  (It's not in our deployment anyway).

The console consumer case probably makes no difference either way, since in
that case you are usually starting with a fresh topic queue regardless (and
there I think it's a better user experience to have messages delivered even
if sent from the producer console, before the consumer console is fired up
for the first time).

It seems intuitive to me that by default, I should be able send a message
to a topic, then consume that message from that topic (without explicitly
having to set "auto.offset.reset" -> "smallest").

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