The advantages of Camus compared to the contrib consumer are the following
(but perhaps I'm forgetting some) :

   - The ability to fetch all/many topics in one job (Map Reduce can
   otherwise introduce a lot of overhead for small topics).
   - Smarter load balancing of topic partitions across tasks.
   - Built-in error detection and logging.
   - Support for speculative execution.
   - Automatic and complete handling of incremental imports (the contribs
   need a bit of hand holding).
   - Various configuration parameters for bucket sizes, etc.
   - Automatic discovery of new topics (if you use the external avro schema
   - Automatic reporting of metrics (if you use Kafka Audit).

However, Camus is currently pretty coupled with avro, and to a lesser
extent with certain conventions within avro schemas, whereas the contrib is
pretty much raw.

Hopefully, that answers your question (?)

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