On 01.07.2013, at 17:45, Jun Rao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Here is what I do and get:

I use the High Level Consumer and configured it with

auto.offset.reset = other
I get

kafka.common.InvalidConfigException: Wrong value other of auto.offset.reset in ConsumerConfig; Valid values are smallest and largest
        at kafka.consumer.ConsumerConfig$.validateAutoOffsetReset(Unknown Source) ~[kafka-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:0.8.0-SNAPSHOT+37]
        at kafka.consumer.ConsumerConfig$.validate(Unknown Source) ~[kafka-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:0.8.0-SNAPSHOT+37]
        at kafka.consumer.ConsumerConfig.<init>(Unknown Source) ~[kafka-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:0.8.0-SNAPSHOT+37]
        at kafka.consumer.ConsumerConfig.<init>(Unknown Source) ~[kafka-0.8.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:0.8.0-SNAPSHOT+37]

as soon as I try to  

    val consumerConfig = new ConsumerConfig(props);

What I expected:

 - No Exception on initialization
 - No Exception if the consumer can connect to Zookeeper and fetch a valid offset
 - An Exception if it can not reach Zookeeper or it does not contain a valid offset for the given consumer group


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