I was looking at
and noticed there is no information about which metrics are available
in which process/JVM/JMX.

Some are available in the Broker process, but some are only available
from the JVM running Consumer and some only from the JVM running
Producer.  And yet some Producer and Consumer metrics are, I *believe*
available from Broker's JMX.

Would it be possible for somebody in the know to mark the metrics in
so one can tell where to get it?

Also, why is it that the Broker process doesn't have *all* metrics,
including Producer and Consumer one?  Is that because there can be N
Brokers and each P or C talk to one Broker at a time and thus there is
no single process/JMX that can know *all* stats for *all* Brokers and
for *all* Ps and Cs?

Thank you!
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