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Subject: Consumer in the mirror maker stop fetching logs

We are doing some mirror-maker test。We currently use version 0.7.2。

some times,the mirror maker will throw exceptions like this, and then
stopped fetching topics: Received -1 when reading from channel, socket has
likely been closed.
     at kafka.utils.Utils$.read(Utils.scala:539)
     at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.getResponse(SimpleConsumer.scala:177)
     at kafka.consumer.SimpleConsumer.multifetch(SimpleConsumer.scala:115)
[2013-05-02 15:13:05,339] INFO stopping fetcher FetchRunnable-0 to host (kafka.consumer.FetcherRunnable)

I used jconsole to double check, and confirmed that the consumer in the
mirror maker stopped fetching logs brokers。I have to stop the mirror maker
and start it over, and it continued fetching logs。

I start consumers using only 1 consumer thread。

By the way,there are 16 mirror makers in the consume group。
I did some calculation and it can be assured that the partition numbers are
larger than or equal to the consumer threads。

Thats all I got。So, I wonder if there was a bug issue for just mirror maker
or any applications using the high level consumers will behave like this?
*Best Regards

Helin Xiang*

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