We have the following code in DefaultEventHandler:

    val partition =
      if(key == null) {
        // If the key is null, we don't really need a partitioner
        // So we look up in the send partition cache for the topic to
decide the target partition
        val id = sendPartitionPerTopicCache.get(topic)
        id match {
          case Some(partitionId) =>
            // directly return the partitionId without checking
availability of the leader,
            // since we want to postpone the failure until the send
operation anyways
          case None =>
            val availablePartitions =
            if (availablePartitions.isEmpty)
              throw new LeaderNotAvailableException("No leader for any
partition in topic " + topic)
            val index = Utils.abs(partitionCounter.getAndIncrement()) %
            val partitionId = availablePartitions(index).partitionId
            sendPartitionPerTopicCache.put(topic, partitionId)
      } else
        partitioner.partition(key, numPartitions)

So, if key is null, the partitioner is ignored.


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