So, sometimes I just get the WARN from the ConsumerFetcherThread (as
previously noted, above), e.g.:

2014-01-08 02:31:47,394  WARN [ConsumerFetcherThread-myconsumerapp-11]
consumer.ConsumerFetcherThread -
[ConsumerFetcherThread-myconsumerapp-11], Current offset 16163904970
for partition [mypartition,0] out of range; reset offset to

More recently, I see these in the following log line (not sure why I
didn't see it previously), coming from the ConsumerIterator:

2014-01-08 02:31:47,681 ERROR [myconsumerthread-0]
consumer.ConsumerIterator - consumed offset: 16163904970 doesn't match
fetch offset: 16175326044 for mytopic:0: fetched offset = 16175330598:
consumed offset = 16163904970;
 Consumer may lose data

Why would I not see this second ERROR everytime there's a
corresponding WARN on the FetcherThread for an offset reset?

Should I only be concerned about possible lost data if I see the
second ERROR log line?


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