ah, I thought you were trying to run the server and not code against the API

how are you compiling/building? through the IDE?

it seems that the libraries maybe are not on the CLASSPATH for the test
when running it in the IDE

seems like something with how your IDE is setup for your eclipse project
when running the test that is not coming through in the email clearly

its beens been like 6 years since I have used eclipse there might be a
magic setting or something in the IDE you might need to-do for how your
project is setup and how you are using it in the IDE

I am guessing someone else on this list uses eclipse and can help?

perhaps you can post everything from your project into a github repo for
someone to look at and help with its just very opaque to what you are doing
in the project without being able to look exactly

its a lot easier to help once something can get reproduced, i recall
eclipse having an import project from source for new projects

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