I'm seeing this issue with a single node zk instance, on my localhost.  If
my zkconnect is "localhost:12345", it works...

but if I add a chroot, e.g.: "localhost:12345/xyz", I get the same error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Path length must be > 0

I also get the error if I do: "locahost:12345,localhost:67890/xyz"

Do I actually have to create the chroot manually first?  Or shouldn't it
get created automatically?

This using 0.8.0 latest.....

Is this the same issue others are seeing (I realize previously the issue
was with multiple zk hosts).  Does this need a jira?

Also, I think the config page for zookeeper.connect really needs to be
updated to make explicit that the 'chroot' part only gets added at the very
end, because it's not clear at all....

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