Hi there, from the docs:

"Time: Used to ask for all messages before a certain time (ms). There are
two special values. Specify -1 to receive the latest offset (this will only
ever return one offset). Specify -2 to receive the earliest available

But when I send -1 as an offsetrequest I get this back:

Topic: myTopic
partitionId: 0
 errorCode: 0
            Offset: 6
            Offset: 0

There are 6 messages on that topic, shouldn't -1 as a time only return one
offset on the response? Any other value that I send on request, I only get
Offset: 0 as a response.

My understanding of the parameter is that -1 would fetch the latest offset
available for consumption, this topic had no message consumed so far, so
shouldn't it always return 0?

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