The Storm mailing list is probably a better place for this thread. If I understand the issue, it is not a ZK issue, nor a Kafka config issue. We run multiple topos draining the same topics all the time.

In any event, you just need to patch the Kafka Spout code to catch this exception, and ask Kafka for the earliest or latest offset (make that choice configurable), and reset with that. We did that here at Loggly.

I don't have a patch to hand, but to be honest, if you want to have any hope of running Kafka and Storm in production you should attempt to code the patch yourself. It will teach you stuff you absolutely need to understand about these two pieces of software, and offset management is particularly important.

It's not a difficult change though. Just build and instrument the code to start. You'll thank me when you hit your next offset-related issue.


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