Hello Guozhang. The following is slightly modified version of the example.
Where offset can be previously valid offset, but does not exist in kafka
for one or the other valid reason.
TopicAndPartition topicAndPartition = new TopicAndPartition(topic,
        Map<TopicAndPartition, PartitionOffsetRequestInfo> requestInfo =
new HashMap<TopicAndPartition, PartitionOffsetRequestInfo>();
        requestInfo.put(topicAndPartition, new
PartitionOffsetRequestInfo(offset, 1));
        kafka.javaapi.OffsetRequest request = new
                requestInfo, (short) requiestedOffset, config.getGroupId());
        OffsetResponse response = simpleConsumer.getOffsetsBefore(request);

        if (response.hasError()) {

        long[] offsets = response.offsets(topic, partition);
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