Update: Early (1 week) implementation of Node-Kafka has resulted in the following observations:

1. Consumer is unstable.
2. If use of Consumer is mandatory, create the Consumer in application-scope, not request-scope.
3. Attempt to close Consumer on application shutdown. Results of unplanned shutdowns have not been fully evaluated.
4. Producer is stable and works as expected.
5. If producing a message that also necessitates a Kafka response, implement a setTimeout interval to conform with application SLAs.

We will revisit swapping out Node-Kafka with Franz-Kafka once our middleware (Java) buildout is complete. Then we will compare the 2 Kafka Node clients under load and post our results here or in a blog.

Test, test, test. That's the take away here.

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Subject: Re: Kafka Node.js Integration Questions/Advice

Thanks Radek, thanks David.

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