Hello everyone,

We recently increased number of partitions from 4 to 16 and after that
console producer mostly fails with LeaderNotAvailableException and exits
after 3 tries:

Here is last few lines of console producer log:

No partition metadata for topic test-41 due to
kafka.common.LeaderNotAvailableException}] for topic [test-41]: class
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,271] ERROR Failed to collate messages by topic,
partition due to: Failed to fetch topic metadata for topic: test-41
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,271] INFO Back off for 100 ms before retrying send.
Remaining retries = 0 (kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,372] INFO Secure sockets for data transfer is enabled
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,372] INFO Fetching metadata from broker
id:0,host:localhost,port:6667,secure:true with correlation id 8 for 1
topic(s) Set(test-41) (kafka.client.ClientUtils$)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,373] INFO begin ssl handshake for localhost/ (kafka.security.SSLSocketChannel)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,375] INFO finished ssl handshake for localhost/ (kafka.security.SSLSocketChannel)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,375] INFO Connected to localhost:6667:true for
producing (kafka.producer.SyncProducer)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,380] INFO Disconnecting from localhost:6667:true
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,381] INFO Secure sockets for data transfer is enabled
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,381] ERROR Failed to send requests for topics test-41
with correlation ids in [0,8] (kafka.producer.async.DefaultEventHandler)
kafka.common.FailedToSendMessageException: Failed to send messages after 3
        at kafka.producer.Producer.send(Producer.scala:74)
        at kafka.producer.ConsoleProducer$.main(ConsoleProducer.scala:168)
        at kafka.producer.ConsoleProducer.main(ConsoleProducer.scala)
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,383] INFO Shutting down producer
[2013-08-27 08:29:30,384] INFO Closing all sync producers
Also, this happens only for new topics (we have auto.create.topic set to
true), If retry sending message to existing topic, it works fine. Is there
any tweaking I need to do to broker or to producer to scale based on number
of partitions?

Thanks in advance for help,

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