I thought a bit about it and I think the getCluster() thing was overly
simplistic because we try to only maintain metadata about the current set
of topics the producer cares about so the cluster might not have the
partitions for the topic the user cares about. I think actually what we
need is a new method on producer:
  List<PartitionInfo> partitionsFor(String...topics)
The intended usage of this method would be:
  int partition = myPartitionFunction(key, producer.partitionsFor(topic));
  producer.send(new ProducerRecord(topic, partition, key, value))
That is, the producer would re-fetch the current set of partitions every
time and the partitions would refresh at whatever schedule the producer
metadata refresh was set with.

So in the case of partition change producers would pick this up as their
natural metadata updates occurred.

This actually solves an important problem in the existing api, which is
that the send method will block on the first message send if we don't yet
have metadata for the destination topic. It blocks until metadata is
fetched. This is a little weird as this occurs even in non-blocking mode.
This allows an escape hatch. Someone who wants to avoid that small block on
the first send can initialize their producer and call
producer.partitionsFor(topics) to force metadata initialization.


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