I`m sending nginx logs to kafka. Each nginx goes to one exclusive partition.
I guarantee this by asigning to each nginx a number (1 to 22), and I use
that number for a custom partitoner's partition method as the key parameter:
  return Integer.parseInt(key) % partitions

I have 22 nginxs, so I have 22 partitions with data.
The cluster has 5 brokers with ten partitions, so the total partitions for
the topic is 50.

In teory I could be able to start up to 22 consumers and each one should be
able to consume from one partition.
But what is happening is that I only can start three consumers:
The first one consumes the ten partitions of the first broker.
The second one consumes the ten partitions of the second broker.
The third one consumes the remaining 2 partitions of the third broker.

Any other consumer that I start in the same consumer group, doesn`t
consumes anything, and the three consumers that are consuming are not

I am using Kafka 0.7.1, with zookeeper and the java consumer connector,
with the zk.connect property.

What could it be happening?

Thanks for the help!

Javier Iseruk
Architecture Team
Phone: +5411-4640-8063

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