There are a lot of exceptions, I will try to pick an example of each:
ERROR async.DefaultEventHandler - Failed to send requests for topics
benchmark with correlation ids in [879,881]
WARN  async.DefaultEventHandler - Produce request with correlation id 874
failed due to [benchmark,43]: kafka.common.RequestTimedOutException
WARN  client.ClientUtils$ - Fetching topic metadata with correlation id 876
for topics [Set(benchmark)] from broker [id:2,host:,port:9092]
ERROR producer.SyncProducer - Producer connection to
kafka.common.FailedToSendMessageException: Failed to send messages after 0
WARN  async.DefaultEventHandler - Failed to send producer request with
correlation id 270 to broker 0 with data for partitions [benchmark,42]

I think these are all types of exceptions i see there.
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