Perhaps, but you don't want to version your kafka artifacts as just 2.8.0.

The way you handle something like that with maven, is to include the
dependency on scala 2.8.0 in the the kafka pom's dependency list.



But the version of kafka is 0.8.0, not 2.8.0.  Otherwise, how is one to
distinguish it from a kafka 0.7.2 jar?

What I've done now, is to actually include the 2.8.0 in the artifactId, but
not the version id, so:


So, in the maven repo it looks like:


Make sense?

I'm contemplating removing the '_2.8.0' bit though, since I don't think it
makes sense there, more I think about it.

I replace the 'SHA' part with the actual git sha of the current build (once
we have a release, I can remove the SHA part).

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