Broadly, the strategy stays the same, except that the 0.8 broker will not
be able to serve requests coming from a pre-0.8 client.
So, the upgrade path will be and we will document this in detail soon -

1. Start a 0.8 Kafka cluster overlaid on the 0.6/0.7 hardware or on
separate hardware if you can spare
2. Start a migration tool to copy data from 0.7 to 0.8. Currently we don't
have migration tool support for 0.6 but it is very easy to add, so please
file a JIRA for this.
3. Move consumers to the 0.8 cluster (since it has all the data that your
0.6/0.7 cluster has)
4. Once all consumers have moved, start moving producers over to the 0.8
5. Stop and decommission the 0.6/0.7 Kafka cluster.

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