Thanks Jun,
I'm trying to setup a fresh dev environment and I met some problems.

Now, while I was changing the wiki page (Developer Setup) I
inadvertently saved the page, sending the notification about the
changes, sorry about that.

I believe the change I made is right (I changed just the line about the
Eclipse / Scala plugin setup by specifying the scala plugin version and
a recommendation about the corrispondence between scala plugin and
eclipse version) but I didn't finish to setup my ide, and therefore to
change the page;

I would like to complete the setup and update the wiki page accordingly
with eventual issues I get but, in case is not possible to proceed in
this way (by directly updating the wiki page) I apologize, please let me
know the right way to contribute.


On 04/24/2013 04:56 PM, Jun Rao wrote:
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