I don't think it is.  when i was logged in there was only access to staging
close and release.

I tried to login again but can't so not sure if it is because of recent
ldap changes and have to request access again or because I have no uploaded
release.. was going to deal with that with the INFRA team when doing the
next release if it was still a problem.

its a beta release so there should be some expectation of some things not
working it should not be a huge major deal for folks they did not even have
maven before this and at least have some way to go about it... and if we
are only a few weeks away from beta2 it might be worth waiting so that we
don't have to have a beta3 and the 0.8.0 GA comes sooner and we get to
0.8.1 with the 2.10 support which I think is an important direction and
goal for the project (FTW)


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