Thanks a lot Jun.

Now im getting the values in ISR expansion rate,whenever broker goes down
and then up.

But still ISR shrink rate is always having value 0.

what I have done is:

I made 3 node cluster.Than created 5 partitions with replica=3.
partitions got distributed on 1,2,3 brokers with isr= 1,2,3, and replica =
broker -3 is leader for 2 partitions.

then i stopped one broker(say 3),then isr = 1,2 and replica = 1,2,3.
In this case I waited for some time to get the ISR shrink value to get
updated in my jconsole,but value remained 0 for all attributes of ISR
shrink rate.

Then I started broker(say 3) that i stopped earlier,what I saw is:

ISR expansion rate has the values as:

count -2 (on both other brokers 1,2)
oneminuterate - 0.012 etc.

then I again stopped broker-1,still isr shrink rate not getting any
value.Can you please check?

One more thing if you can please have a look:
How the other attributes like FifteenMinuteRate,
OneMinuteRate etc are continuosly changing for any Mbean.

One more thing I observed is-when two brokers(broker 1 and 3) were
stopped,broker-2 became the leader for all the partitions.After some time
when both brokers(broker 1 and 3) were started,they didn't become the
leader for any of the partition.only broker-2 remains the leader for all
the partitions of my cluster.This shouldn't happen as I am having 9
partitions for 2 topics and broker-2 is leader for all partitions,so for
any read/write broker-2 will be handling the producer/consumer
requests.what is no of partitions=100 for 10 topics.There will be time
delay,so other brokers should also be elected as leader after they are

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