Hi, can you file a JIRA and attach the patch there? This does the Apache
copyright stuff...

Instructions here:

This seems like a good thing to have. Is there a more portable way to do
this? Obviously this would not work on a non-sun JVM. I think the ideal
would be to add a tryUnmap() method that attempts the case but swallows any

Also I would like to fully understand the Sun's objection to allowing user
code to unmap buffers. In that ticket on the previous thread on
Windows+mmap there was a mention that forcing the unmap was somehow a
security hole. I don't understand this. Unix obviously supports unmap and
there is no security issue with that as normal process-level memory
isolation protects processes from reading each others memory or files.  I
suspect maybe this would only be true in cases where you are trying to
isolate different code in the same JVM which is not a valid use case. But I
want to fully understand the issue before we add something someone claims
is unsafe.

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