Yes, sorry, I think that was the basis for my question.   When auto commit
is enabled, special care is taken to make sure things are auto-committed
during a rebalance.  This is needed because when a topic moves off of a
consumer thread (since it is being rebalanced to another one), it's as if
that topic is being shutdown on that connector, and any not-yet-committed
messages need to be committed before letting  go of the topic.

So, my question is around trying to understand if there's a way I can
reproduce similar functionality using my own sync auto commit
implementation (and I'm not sure there is).  It seems that when there's a
rebalance, all processed but not-yet-committed offsets will not be
committed, and thus there will be no way to prevent pretty massive
duplicate consumption on a rebalance.  Is that about right?  Or is there
someway around this that I'm not seeing?

The auto-commit functionality that's builtin is so close to being all that
anyone would need, except it has a glaring weakness, in that it will cause
messages to be lost from time to time, and so I don't know that it will
meet the needs of trying to have reliable delivery (with duplicates ok).

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