AutoCloseable would be nice for us as most of our code is using Java 7 at
this point.

I like Dropwizard's configuration mapping to POJOs via Jackson, but if you
wanted to stick with property maps I don't care enough to object.

If the producer only dealt with bytes, is there a way we could still due
partition plugins without specifying the number explicitly? I would prefer
to be able to pass in field(s) that would be used by the partitioner.
Obviously if this wasn't possible you could always deserialize the object
in the partitioner and grab the fields you want, but that seems really
expensive to do on every message.

It would also be nice to have a Java API Encoder constructor taking in
VerifiableProperties. Scala understands how to handle "props:
VerifiableProperties = null", but Java doesn't. So you don't run into this
problem until runtime.
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