After doing some partition reassignments, I've ended up with some
partitions that have both the old and new brokers assigned.

The output of --describe looks like this:

Topic:cs-es-indexer-a PartitionCount:30 ReplicationFactor:2 Configs:
  Topic: cs-es-indexer-a  Partition: 11 Leader: 11  Replicas: 11,12 Isr:
  Topic: cs-es-indexer-a  Partition: 12 Leader: 15  Replicas: 15,17,12
 Isr: 12,17,15

Partition 12 has 3 replicas, but the topic has a replication factor of 2.
It was reassigned from [12,17] to [15,17].

During the reassignment, the controller changed from one broker to another,
and the resigning controller deadlocked with

Is this expected, or a known issue? I've had to alter some of my monitoring
tools to handle different-sized replica lists for partitions of the same

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