I've noticed that there are several metrics that seem useful for monitoring
overtime, but which contain generational timestamps in the metric name.

We are using yammer metrics libraries to send metrics data in a background
thread every 10 seconds (to kafka actually), and then they eventually end
up in a metrics database (graphite, opentsdb).  The metrics then get
graphed via UI, and we can see metrics going way back, etc.

Unfortunately, many of the metrics coming from kafka seem to have metric
names that change any time the server or consumer is restarted, which makes
it hard to easily create graphs over long periods of time (spanning app

For example:

names like:


In our staging environment, we have our servers on regular auto-deploy
cycles (they restart every few hours).  So just not longitudinally usable
to have metric names constantly changing like this.

Is there something that can easily be done?  Is it really necessary to have
so much cryptic info in the metric name?


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