Hey folks, I am going to vote -1 on this this release.  I know, I know, I
know I prepared it but I was working for hours and hours last night going
through so many facets even working on it to deploy into our own shakedown
(pre-production) environment and it hit me! We are not voting on all the
artifacts we need for this release, its different than 0.7.X and has to be
prepared that way for vote.

so one thing I want to change in src is SNAPSHOT to beta1 and will create
JIRA can commit once we get +1 on patch.

also for the -bin distribution folks should be able to just download and
run the quick start and ./kafka-server-start.sh
../config/server.properties  should just start without any other class
files, etc.  but I will prepare that also and sign it and put up in the
second candidate vote

any other feedback for the second candidate release please let me know
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