that did not work either

I can't even get the patch to apply from the latest trunk because of this
message of patch without email

so the patch is here

I go through the steps on the git workflow

git clone kafka
cd kafka
git fetch
git checkout trunk
//already on trunk
git apply --stat ../KAFKA-133.patch
//project/         |    2 +-
//project/build/KafkaProject.scala |   44
//2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)
git apply --check ../KAFKA-133.patch
git am --signoff < ../KAFKA-133.patch
//Patch does not have a valid e-mail address.

my git --version =

now what is interesting is when I grab the patch using wget
of downloading it it through a browser I get "Patch format
detection failed." instead of the error saying "Patch does not have a valid
e-mail address"

I am guessing it is something I am doing wrong and could be doing different
but am interested to see where exactly the problem is.

any thoughts?  I gotta work on some code for work right will bang on this
later tonight again but if anyone can reproduce this same thing or not or
has an idea that would be great.

could just be the patch, but would prefer to fix the patch and review the
code change for what it is and communicate moving forward how to make
patches differently (if that is in fact the problem)

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