That's interesting. The issue is that we somehow are missing a
response for [libomirror8,3]
specified in the request. I don't know how this is happening in the broker
though. Are you using the latest code in the 0.8 branch?

 Incomplete response (ProducerResponse(334159,Map([libomirror8,9] ->
ProducerResponseStatus(0,96820), [libomirror8,6] ->
ProducerResponseStatus(2,0), [libomirror8,0] ->
ProducerResponseStatus(0,0)))) for producer request (Name: ProducerRequest;
Version: 0; CorrelationId: 334159; ClientId: ProducerPerformance;
RequiredAcks: -1; AckTimeoutMs: 3000 ms; TopicAndPartition: [libomirror8,9]
-> 102660,[libomirror8,6] -> 102660,[libomirror8,3] ->
102660,[libomirror8,0] -> 102660)


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