I have two doubts for changes in different versions of Kafka available:


I am using Kafka from the version kafka-0.7.1-incubating-src.tgz.
The latest stable version is kafka_2.8.0-0.8.0.tar.gz.

But there is propertyName difference in config/server.properties file of
different versions.

kafka-0.7.1-incubating-src.tgz and kafka-0.7.2-incubating-src.tgz have
below property(ies) :

brokerid = 0
log.dir = /tmp/kafka-logs

But  kafka-0.8.0-beta1-src.tgz have as below :
broker.id = 0
log.dir = /tmp/kafka-logs

But kafka_2.8.0-0.8.0.tar.gz have as below:

broker.id = 0
log.dirs = /tmp/kafka-logs

So May I know why the difference in property-Name of different versions(One
thing I understood that from kafka-0.8.0-beta1 version,Kafka is supporting
multiple log-directory,so that might be the reason for change of log.dir to

/bin/kafka-server-start.sh file export JMX_PORT till version
in stable latest version it is not exporting JMX_PORT.So why this has been


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