Thanks for the wiki. We are getting close to releasing 0.8.0 beta and your
writeup is very helpful. The following are some comments for the 0.8
Producer wiki.

1. The following sentence is inaccurate. The producer will do random
assignment as long as the key in KeyedMessage is null. If a key is not
null, it will use the default partitioner if partitioner.class is not set.
By default if you don't include a partitioner.class Kafka will randomly
assign the message to a partition.

2. In the following sentence, the first type is the key and the second type
is the message.
The first is the type of the message, the second the type of the Partition

3. Could you explain the "key.serializer.class" property too?

In addition to the 0.8 SimpleConsumer wiki, could you write up one for the
0.8 high level consumer?



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