Isn't this a bug?

I don't see why we would want users to have to code and generate random
partition keys to randomly distributed the data to partitions, that is
Kafka's job isn't it?

Or if supplying a null value tell the user this is not supported (throw
exception) in KeyedMessage like we do for topic and not treat null as a key
to hash?

My preference is to put those three lines back in and let key be null and
give folks randomness unless its not a bug and there is a good reason for

Is there something about requires the lines
taken out? I haven't had a chance to look through
it yet

My thought is a new person coming in they would expect to see the
partitions filling up in a round robin fashion as our docs says and unless
we force them in the API to know they have to-do this or give them the
ability for this to happen when passing nothing in

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