I'm not sure what design doc you are looking at (v1 probably?, v3 is here:
https://cwiki.apache.org/KAFKA/kafka-detailed-replication-design-v3.html )
but If I understand correctly, consistent hashing for partitioning is more
about remapping as few keys as possible when adding/deleting partitions,
which you can implement already with a custom partitioner by doing
partition_id = abs(num_partitions * hash(key)/hash_space). But the added
value is mitigated by the fact that if you add/delete partitions you
already destroy your partitioning and make it kind of useless?

However if you are talking about partition assignment to brokers that's
another part, and I guess the current state of things is just a simple
round robin to assign partitions on topic creation (to be confirmed?). It
could be interesting to have partitions assigned to brokers with some
consistent hashing so that adding a broker requires moving as few
partitions as possible. That process is done manually as of now using a
ReassignPartition command, and it could be automated with a tool (provided
that you over-partition as Jun recommends, so that you have some
granularity and the load gets spread evenly over brokers).
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